Why We Want to be Your Favorite Store.

SuperOlive is the super store of healthy and nutritious olive oil, olive products and everything related or inspired by that blessed fruit! We offer the best olive oil quality at the best prices. SuperOlive brings to you on line a variety of olives, olive oil and related items as: olive theme ceramics and kitchen tools. In this line of products will be included:

  • Variety of olives in different packages, sizes and different protected designation of origin labels.
  • Variety of regional olives and olive oil from  California, Greece, Italy, Spain etc.
  • All categories of olive oil: Olive-Pomace Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Light Olive Oil
  • Gourmet olives and gourmet extra virgin olive oil, and olive paste.
  • Organic Olives, Olive Oils and flavored Olive oils, Kosher
  • Other olive products: Gift baskets of olives and olive oil, Culinary Oil Cruets, Olive theme towels, aprons, ceramics, olive bottles, sprayer, pitter, books, décor (paints, plants) etc.
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